Toronto, ON, Canada


Photo by Reenie Perovic

At times fragile and sweet, at other times strong, bold and even harsh, this Toronto based violinist/ singer-songwriter tells the stories behind her lyrics with sound.


Cassie’s music is, at times friendly, familiar, and simple, examining ordinary characters with an extraordinary level of depth. Other times it is more adventurous, rumbling with dissonant and irreverent sounds and epic themes.


Cassie has been a side-person and improvisor in singer-songwriter, folk, jazz, creative, and world music communities in Guelph, Montreal, Seoul, and Toronto. Her varied experiences as a performer are reflected in her songwriting and arranging as well as in her choice of band members . Wes and David provide a solid yet flexible foundation flowing with the inherent dynamics of Cassie’s songwriting. Patrick’s wide palette of guitar sounds, combine with lush accordion and violin swells to create a dynamic and rich backdrop for Cassie’s untethered voice. 


Cassie and her band have been performing at Toronto venues such as Burdock Hall, Arrayspace, and The Supermarket since January 2018, and released their first EP: Lullaby for the End of Time in February 2019. Cassie Norton also plays house concerts and more intimate shows as a duo or trio, through venues such Artery and Toronto Oasis. 

Cassie has recorded two full length albums as a solo artist, Little Strength (2009) and Quiet Wilderness (2010), and has recorded both as a guest artist and band member on another of other projects.  

 Cassie remains an avid improvisor, composer and arranger. She performs both as a violinist and fiddler in many contexts.  Cassie's current projects as a violinist, singer and co-arranger include the Erik Bleich band, Mike Hopkins's Spanish Waiter, Amateur, Willow Rutherford, and the Pickle Juice Trio. Cassie is the music director and a regular performer with Oasis Toronto as well as a regular fiddler, dancer and jam host with Balfolk Toronto.

When she isn't busy making her own music, Cassie shares her love of music with others through teaching. She teaches a variety of private and ensemble classes at Regent Park School of Music, and through her private studio. 

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