Toronto, ON, Canada


Cassie Norton - Bio

At times fragile and sweet, at other times strong, bold and even harsh, this Toronto based singer-songwriter tells the stories behind her lyrics with sound. Cassie is a violinist/folk leaning tunesmith with a punk rock heart. She uses her violin, and octave violin, and the sound of her own raw voice to make her words dance.


At the core of Cassie's music is spontaneity. So as much as she loves a good song, she is acutely aware of the magic that can only be found in live music. Her songs themselves have strong characters, but instead of being tightly arranged, they are loving invitations for interpretation. Her music works best with a band of improvisers who bring their own personalities and histories to the music, making each performance different ...... Introducing Tristan Murphy on accordion, trumpet, and vocals, Patrick O'Reilly on guitar, Wes Neal on Bass, David Benitez on drums, and when the stars align, John Williams on clarinet. Depending on the circumstance and venue, Cassie also performs her music in duos or trios with one or two of her band members.

Cassie and her band have been performing at small venues in and around Toronto since January 2018, have just recorded a three track demo (soon to be released), and are looking forward many more adventures in 2019.

Slow - Cassie Norton
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In this Park - Cassie Norton
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Lullaby for the end of Time - Cassie Norton
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