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Cassie usually performs solo sets either accompanying her voice with violin or octave violin. Using the expressive qualities of her voice and the violins she tells the stories of her songs with sound. .


Cassie’s band includes Tristan Murphy on accordion, trumpet, and vocals, Patrick O-Reilly on guitar, Wes Neal on Bass, and Thistle Strum on drums. Depending on the circumstance, Cassie also performs her music in duos or trios with one or two of the same five band-mates.

Cassie’s music occupies a space somewhere between folk, jazz, and pop. 

Cassie has spent years as a sideman and improvisor in singer-songwriter, folk, creative music, and jazz communities in Guelph, Montreal, Seoul, and Toronto. Her varied experiences as a performer are reflected in her arranging, and in her choice of band-mates. With sensitive ears from years of experience in jazz and creative music, Wes and Thistle provide a solid yet flexible foundation, flowing with the inherent dynamics of Cassie’s songwriting. Patrick’s wide palette of electric guitar sounds, combine with lush accordion and violin swells to create a dynamic and rich backdrop for Cassie’s untethered voice. 

Cassie Norton with Tristan Murphy


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